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SAAM Group offers a complete range of logistical solutions and services, offering our customers the flexibility, confidence and reliability they expect from us.
SAAM Group has been established by a team of highly qualified business professionals who have Immense experience in the field of logistics and transportation services. SAAM Logistics Services is legally licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Logistics and Transit Services. This allows our company to transport a variety of goods for our clients to locations throughout Afghanistan. Because our management team has been engaged in logistics services for Last 12 years and have much experience of the region; they are innately aware of the best routes of transporting goods from load point to delivery point. This knowledge base ensures safe and reliable logistics services for our clients.

Since 2008, SAAM Group Distribution has worked to develop a strong network of distributors and retailers capable of showcasing and selling almost any product under any distribution model. We offer a comprehensive solution for any challenge, from door-to-door services.

SAAM Group utilizes a network of affiliated service providers to coordinate activities for the most demanding projects and customers. Our company is a one-stop source for all General supply, logistics, and transportation services. We facilitate and implement the sourcing, procurement, importing, and transportation of various types of cargo for our clients. SAAM Group offers procurement, logistics and transport services to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients in Afghanistan. Our management has extensive and diversified experience in international logistics services. We have a dedicated team of professional’s fully trained, licensed national drivers, trained and tested to meet the most challenging engagements under the most stressful conditions.

SAAM Logistics maintains a comprehensive fleet of Trucks/vehicles located throughout Afghanistan. We can provide total asset movement and control, in-house dispatch, Tracking, and security.
We are with our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SAAM Group provides wide range of logistical services from around the world in any part of Afghanistan. Our logistic and services ranges are below:

  • Transportation in all over Afghanistan
  • Material Delivery to any district and province in Afghanistan
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Flatbed Trucks all over the country
  • Fuel Trucks/Tankers
  • Refers/Freezer Trucks
  • Cargo Solutions from overseas to Afghanistan
  • Local and International transport network