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SAAM Group is operating as leading multi-industry provider with an outstanding reputation for service, designed to meet or exceed our client’s expectations even in the most complex provinces throughout Afghanistan. We take pride of serving the US Department of Defense, Afghan government, ISAF, various UN Agencies, Coalition Forces, NGOs and commercial, for-profit companies.

SAAM Group supplies all type of products and items from national and international Markets at reasonable prices in efficient time frame. We have been importing commercial goods, for long, culminating into the distribution of various commodities to our clients in Afghanistan. We provide a wide-range supply chain items. We maintain strict quality control and provide excellent quality products within specified budgets.

The General Supply consists of “Office Supplies, Stationary, Furniture, IT and Electronic Parts and Items, Diesel heavy generators and spare parts, Food and Beverages, soft and armored skin vehicles and ETC.

We focus all efforts on consistently delivering quality and service which exceeds the toughest demands and scheduling challenges.