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The most valuable asset of the SAAM Group is the team and the team leader who is willing to do everything that needs to be done to make dreams come true. SAAM Group Ltd, is a privately owned company founded in 2008, Headquartered in Kabul, with Major logistical operations in Afghanistan. SAAM Group began its operations in Kandahar, Afghanistan several years ago and later expanded operations to the other Provinces of Afghanistan, Our company has a long and successful record of supplying General supplies, Logistics services, providing transportation services, maintenance, and procurement services for both international and local organizations in Afghanistan. SAAM Group Services covered the central Bases ( KAF, BAF, Leatherneck, Bastion ) and Minor Bases (FOBs), Our customers include major contractors of NATO, US military, Afghanistan Govt, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

In 2015, SAAM Group extended its Services from National to International Level in the shape of Export & import to Turkey, China, Pakistan & India.
SAAM Group was established by a team of highly qualified business professionals who have an immense experience in the field of logistics, Transportation, General Supply and construction.